Jessica Siegel Christian
Clinical Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jessica teaches Leading and Managing, Negotiations, and Groups and Teams in the undergraduate and full-time MBA programs. Her research interests include team dynamics, negotiations, counterproductive workplace behaviors, and employee turnover. She has examined: (1) team responses to unfair treatment and how emotions and retaliatory behaviors are “transferred” between team members, how team compositional dynamics are differentially effective depending on the team’s task, the role of team cognition in successful team adaptation, and workplace relationships affected by turnover intentions Currently, Dr. Christian is working in-depth in studying how teams successfully adapt to different types of changes. She has published her research in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Personnel Psychology, the Journal of Business Ethics, Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, and the book The Psychology of Negotiations in the 21st Century Workplace. Dr. Christian completed her Bachelor’s degree at Tulane University and her Ph.D. in the Management and Organizations department at the University of Arizona.